Pic’s & Vid’s

Pictures from Kumori Con on Saturday and Sunday
Click the thumbnail links below to view each album:

Kumoricon '09 (sunday)
Kumoricon '09 (saturday)
Ouran High School Host Club

My friend, i am so proud……

It’s Cool Hand Luke, but with peeps

Who Is Sara Baartman? Every black woman should know her name

My contribution to black history month, which should not be

one month out of the year.  History should be shared daily.

2008 Super Bowl Ad for SoBe Life Water featuring Naomi Campbell and Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

“I Have a Dream” Washington, DC 08/28/63 17:27

Hip Hop Violin – Paul Dateh and inka one – very cool music video

Ty and Alexys doing Karaoke at the Ambassador

Had a wonderful time at Sakura-Con

See every one at Kumori this summer.  See all the images I took by clicking the more link under the Sakura-Con ’07 preview pictures to the right, or clicking the images below.



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