Isolation of Sins

It had been a fraked up year. A time of loss and monumental screw ups. Most of which perpetrated at my own hands.

So the question is today:

Does starting anew and tiring to amend past deeds makes you a better person and things better as well?

In my case NO.  I have come to realize that your past is how people precieve you in the present.  I know this is not a new concept but it has taken me awhile to accept this notion.  The past is much like a angry ghost. There to haunt and torment at those time you lease expect.  A constant reminder of past sins.

Maybe only in isolation can the ghosts be kept in check. There by not allowing others to become affected.   Because when it comes down to it the ones closest to you are most effected by your past deeds.  So is shutting ones self off from those around you the only way to make sure they are not?

So what is your opinion.  Is isolation  the answer in some cases.

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