One totaled car, 2 successful events and me just trying to keep it together.

Well this weekend did don’t go according to plan but some how I got through it. It was supposed to be pretty festive with a few errands to run and two events that needed to be taken care of. The events were Baby showers. One for my step daughter and the other for a friend. The errand was to get a fountain for the friends shower and be back in time to make last minute preparation for my step daughter’s shower that Saturday afternoon. That is where things went south (sort of, just a little). See in route to get the beverage fountain I was hit by a school bus and completely totaled out my new car. One good thing was that no one was hurt. I have some soreness but that is all. I guess that I was hurt because one person thought more of the fact that the car was totaled than if I was ok. But through it all I was more concerned about making sure others were taken care of. I got through the first shower by putting up a good front and not let others see just how shaken up and depressed I really was. Everyone had a great time.

Next day was the second shower. This was held at a popular downtown restaurant. Everyone involved in the preparation was running a little behind schedule but after resorting to plan B things came together. The people who attended were the most important to her. It turned out wonderful and I think my friend had a great time.

The rest of the evening was confusing. I would have rather just relaxed the rest of the evening in quiet company. But others were into overdrive. I did not want to be part of an entourage. Just one person maybe two. After a while I thought it would be the best if it were to disappear than to be lost in the crowd, in a situation I knew I would be uncomfortable in.

So that was my weekend one totaled car, two successful events and me just trying to keep it together.

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