Valentines’s Day should be everyday when your with someone

Don’t you think that Valentine’s Day should be everyday, if you are with some one and you really love and care about.  I don’t mean doing the hearts and flowers thing each day but maybe a gesture or a token of affection that lets her know that she are special to you and you love them.  So why do we have to waite a entire year to express our love for someone only one day out of the year.  Then having the nerve afterwards to think “Job well done”.  Taking for granted the other 364 days left in the year.  Even the the day itself was not associated with romance until the time of  Geoffrey Chaucer ( English author & poet during the 1300’s) referenced the day in a poem named Parlement of Foules.  Don’t get me wrong I like to give something on Valentine’s Day but I know that all the other days after that should not be neglected.  Make them feel special on a day just because.  Maybe that should be the new lovers holidays “Just Because Day”.

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