My 10 Things for getting through the NW Winter

Well now that the weather has officially turned to grayer skies and rain soaked streets.  I now find myself staying in more and catching up on those things at got put on the back burner.   You know the “I’ll get back to that” things, during the clear sky and sunny days that is now slowly becoming a distant memory.

10. Finish Bio-Shock (Gotta save the little girls)

9. Finish Anime series GO-Danar and Astro boy.

8. Register for Sakura-Con.

7. Catch up on all the shows recorded on my DVR.

6. Drive less, commute more (I hate driving in bad weather).

5. Clean my step sons room.  Now that he is in collage I have always wanted a Zen meditation room.

4. Update my bolg more regularly.

3. Cook more often.

2. Reorganize the pantry.

1. Fix my grandsons big green frog (Don’t ask).

I’ll let you know how I did in the spring.

If you read this let me know about your Top 10 Todo list for the winter.

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