An Overpass Named Distraction

I am a believer in public transportation.  I try to use park and ride 2 or 3 times a week.  But there are those times that I really must brave rush hour traffic and drive.

This is what leads me to my predicament “driving in rush hour traffic”.  Driving and sitting in rush hour is stressful enough.  But having to be a captive audience for those early risers that are waving banners, signs and other attention grabbing items.  I support freedom of expression but sometime a little common sense and courtesy should also be applied.  Like after rush hour when motorist are less stressed out and things are moving along.  A happy motorist is a happy voter.  

Not only does this distraction slows traffic more but can be a hazard as well.  According to driver distraction is involved in 25% of highway crashes.  Well there goes my insurence rates again.

So while I sit there thinking to myself that even if I do support your cause.  When it come time to cast my ballot, the only thing I will be thinking of is the distractions in rush hour traffic not the issues.

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