Where has all the Amtrack Trains gone?


Well per Amtrak their has been a de-reilment of a freight train which shut down two track in southern california.  That has caused my train to be late by going on 10 hours now.  So I have been the de facto resident of a little city called Martinez Ca. for the duration of my captivity.  On the bright side I was able to find with the help of a very courtious Amtrack assistent a resonable hotel for the night so I would not have to sleep on a bench (avoiding a temopary homeless status).  Since I became apart of this little community I looked up some facts so I could get to know the neighborhood.

  • In 1824 the Alhambra Valley was included in a land grant to Don Ygnacio Martinez by the Mexican government for services rendered to the Mexican and Spanish armies.
  • By 1849, Martinez served as a way station for the California Gold Rush. It became the county seat in 1850, but could not incorporate at the time because it lacked the 200 registered voters required, and only became a city in 1876.
  • In 1860, Martinez played a role in the Pony Express, where riders would take the ferry from Benicia (particularly if they missed the steamer in Sacramento).
  • In 1915 Shell Oil Company built an oil refinery near Martinez, which sparked a building boom in the area. Martinez’s oil refineries can still be seen today from Interstate 680, and it continues to be a significant port and petroleum processing center.
  • Joe Dimaggio was a resident here at one time.

All an all things have not been bad.  Amtrak took all the passengers out for breakfast and kept me in the loop by personal calls on my wayward train status.  I kept occupied by taking a few pictures around the station.   Which I will post laster.  Thank God I have a sleeping compartment.  I will not subjected to all of the grumpy and very pissed couch passengers.

The adventure continues…..

Yeah!!!! my train arrived at 10:20am.  Which makes my estimated arrival time in Vancouver Wa. around 5:00am. That gives me just enough time to get home shower change and get to work.  Some cheered, some cried and their was the burning tourch and pitch fork crowd.  Me, I just wanted to get this show back on the road. I know the poor people that has to work on this train must be stressed out and waiting for Rod Sterling to step out from the shows any second.  But they are doing there best to make our trip as comfortable as possible.

Fianlly arrived in Portland at 5:40 am.  Kissing pavement now.

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