Last week I had the pleasure of spending time as the guest of SW Washington medical center.  It seems that of the 65 million Americans that suffer from high blood pressure my group makes up 44% of that total number.  I was thinking to myself as they were wheeling me into the back of the ambulance” being a part of this majority sucks”. 

So during my stay I was given Nitro, had countless vials of blood drawn , x-rayed and had Isotopes injected into my body.  I am surprised that did not glow in the dark afterwards.  And who was the sadist who invented that blood pressure cuff.  They must know that not every one is a masochist. 

But all things said the out come was good.   After all the tests were completed and my BP was back under control my doctor let me know that their was no heart damage like they first thought.  I just had to take it slow for awhile and take my meds as perscribed (which they added two more).  Thank you everyone that stopped by to visit I apperciated it very much.  Just to let you know Caffeine free Pepsi is not that bad.

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