If you build it, “Will they come”?

Well, I ventured out today and looked at my first coffee shop that was for sale.

Right now seating is limited but their is plenty of room for expansion. The asking price it is good.  There is plenty of parking, a good location, a current customer base with the potential of attracting many more. It is close to Max and the Tri-Met bus line.  The only thing is needed is a little marketing and a few building permits. It has alot of potential but a good amount of work is needed before it will be 100% otaku ready.  I am also half way finished with my business plan.  Believe me, their is nothing that can bring you back to reality faster than seeing your future laid out in a spread sheet.  But all good thing at first is a little scary and takes alot of hard work to achieve

The possibility of this happening is very exciting, my very own Anime/Cosplay theme coffee shop.

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