Just Like Home But More Culture

Well I got up this morning and lo and behold it was over cast and rainy.  My afternoon plans were to visit two museums but I found that they will not be open until tomorrow.  So I went to plan B.  A short walk around some of the close points of interest, a late lunch and a movie.  I visited the Jackie & Matt Robinson Memorial (This memorial honors the historic accomplishments of brothers Mack and Jackie Robinson).   The Fuller Theological Seminary (See photo below).   The CheeseCake Factory was my choice for food.  The movie was suggested by a firend as a must see “I Think I Love My Wife”.  Well it was ok and was funny in places.  The movie stars Chris Rock who also directed.  He plays a husban that is board in his marrage and just when he is at his lowest a very HOT female firend comes back in to his life and throws his already faltering life totally out of control.  I was waiting for Chris to be himself.  Some times he starts out but seems to hold back just when you think he is going to hit stride.

Taken from the Fuller Theological Siminary

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